Reason #11: (Bonus) Industry-Leading HVAC Service & Support

Video transcript

If the first 10 reasons didn’t convince you, then number 11 is sure to. We’ve got the industry-leading service and support network. What that means is that, included in the price of every Quest IQ system, a factory start-up. These factory technicians – factory-employed technicians – I want to be clear here – these are not local contractors, but these are guys that are employed by us – will go to your facility, inspect the installation, and ensure that your commissioning and start-up process happens in the way that we want it to, so that your farm operates as reliably and as profitably as possible. Couple that with offered preventative maintenance and ongoing service plans, and we’ve got you covered from A to Z in your farm to ensure that your farm operates the way you want it to every time. No one can provide better service than factory technicians. And we’ve got the largest factory service network in this industry. That ensures that your farm is going to stay up and running, that preventative maintenance gets done properly, that your unit operates efficiently, any warranty repairs are done quickly and accurately and back to factory spec, and ensure that your farm stays profitable and that your yields keep going up and up – something that many of our customers are reporting – just incredible yields. And the service part of that is a huge aspect of ensuring that your equipment works properly.