Reason #1: Unitary System Design with Dehumidification Priority

Video transcript

Reason number one, that smart growers are choosing AGronomic IQ as their product of choice in these rooms is that these are unitary systems with a dehumidification priority. What that means is that these are dehumidifiers that can choose where to reject the waste heat, either back into the process Airstream as a traditional dehumidifier would or reject it outside or to a building cooling tower loop for air conditioning or 100% modulation between those. What that means is that these units are designed to be the only piece of equipment serving your grow room. That means that installing them is cheaper.

Integrating them into the space is cheaper. Getting that room up and operating in the way that you want it to be is easier and cheaper. It really is designed as the easy solution for grow rooms that provides unparalleled first time cost, as well as ongoing run costs, and that drives your yield and thus your return on investment through the roof. That’s our focus, and we’re interested in being your partner in this space with a product designed from the ground up for cannabis grow.