Reason #1: Unitary System Design with Dehumidification Priority

Video transcript

So, reason number one that smart growers choose Quest IQ for their spaces is these are unitary systems with a dehumidification priority. So, these are systems that can switch between air conditioning and dehumidification mode in a modulating fashion to deliver precise amounts of both cooling and dehumidification to your space to ensure a very stable space condition.

This is the only all-in-one system that has been designed from the ground up for this market. So, we watched what was happening in the marketplace for a number of years prior to developing the product line – and you’re going to see that in some of the features that are exclusive to the Quest IQ line.

Our unitary systems are cheaper to install and operate because you’ve only got a single system that provides all of the functions needed for the space – heating, cooling, and dehumidification. You’re not installing multiple pieces of equipment and trying to navigate the controls nightmare of getting them to not fight each other in the room, which can be a huge challenge and will affect the ability of that system to precisely control the space.

Couple that with the ability to have either multiple units serve a single room for additional redundancy, or to have a very scalable approach for your farm and not rely on a central plant but to have multiple unitary pieces of equipment that handle rooms as you expand. It enables it to be a very cost-effective way to scale.

And our solution really provides the best room control. And you’ll see some of the other features and other reasons of why this is what smart growers do for rooms.