Grow Room HVAC Systems
by AGronomic IQ


Why has Agronomic IQ Grow Room HVAC Systems become the #1 choice for the most successful commercial growers in North America? Because it’s designed from the ground up to meet the serious demands of indoor cannabis growers. 

Simple Unitary System Design
Heating, cooling & dehumidification in a single device.

Proven, Reliable Control Algorithms
Built into every unit, nothing to engineer or add on.

Incredibly Precise, Stable Room Control
Throughout every phase of growth in every room.

Built-in Redundancy & Failsafe Designs
Multiple independent, redundant systems in every unit.

Proprietary Heat Rejection Systems
Intelligent, resilient, eco-friendly dry cooler technology.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency
Reduced grid demand, huge operating savings.

Unrivaled Factory-Direct Service
Our factory technicians, startup and fine tune every unit!

Stunning Yield Improvement
Yes, our precise, stable room conditions increase yields – big time!

Grow room hvac SYSTEMS

Agronomic IQ equipment comes in a wide range of sizes, for every size of room and every application.

Capacity ranges:

Compressor Capacity: 4 to 32 Tons
Air Handling: 1,200 to 13,000 CFM
Moisture Removal: 20 to 170 lbs./hr.

Capacity ranges:

Compressor Capacity:  10 to 128 Tons
Air Handling: Up to 44,800 CFM
Moisture Removal: 20 to 730 lbs./hr.

Heat rejection ranges:

Half V – Packaged: Up to 254 MBH
Full V – Packaged: Up to 656 MBH
6x Full V – Remote: Up to 2278 MBH