Reason #7: Internet Monitoring and Remote Control

Video transcript

Reason number seven is our remote monitoring and control capabilities. Every single Quest IQ unit has the ability to be connected to the Internet and to have factory technicians monitor over a hundred parameters of its operation in real time. That allows us, the experts, the ones who built the equipment, to help troubleshoot it remotely, to help fine-tune it remotely, to do things like software updates remotely, to enable your farm to run more efficiently, and to enable you, the grower, to pay attention to things other than your equipment, because we’ve got your back on it. And that’s really what the Internet monitoring and remote control is about. It allows us to help you run your farm more efficiently and manage any potential hiccups in a very efficient way and a very accurate way, so you’re not having repeat service calls with people who don’t understand what they’re looking at. That’s what we’ve managed to completely avoid. And it’s free for the life of the equipment. There is no cost to this service. All you need to do is connect it to the Internet.