Reason #9: Service Vestibule Component Protection

Video transcript

Reason number nine for choosing academic IQ for your gross base is our ease of service and part of that or a big part of that is our service festivals. These are designed across most of our product line to include all of the major refrigeration, electrical and mechanical components, keeping them out of the Airstream or to the process airstream, allowing you to work on those components while the machine is operating. It also means that you have a clean air tunnel not being contaminated with workers in and out of machines or of maintenance activities. Very important to prevent cross-contamination.

A big piece of this, though, is it means that again, it’s just that much quicker to get equipment up and running properly at the startup time. You can imagine if you’ve got a machine that you’ve got doors off of airflow through the coils is very different, of course, because you don’t have the doors on it and you’re trying to adjust valves while our valves are out of the Airstream, which means that you can adjust them while having the nominal airflow, the machine going through those coils. It means instead of the trial and error process of opening doors, messing up your airflow, adjusting valves and then closing your door, see what happens and trying it again. You get that real time feedback and our digital controls give you that feedback from refrigerant pressure and temperature sensors on both sides of refrigeration circuit in real time. Everything we’ve done is to make these units easier to service, easier to start up, quicker to integrate.

And this is just another example of that. All of these little things make things quicker. Another example is in our large units, having separate high voltage and low voltage voltage control panels allows people to work on those machines safely while the power is on something that many equipment manufacturers can’t say.

And either you’ve got a Mechanical Turk taking a risk on a machine that has 480 volts applied to it, or they’ve shut the machine down and are making changes while taking a room offline. Neither of those are acceptable to us, so our designs are specifically made with that thought in mind.

Again, easy to service, easy to start up, quick to integrate, quicker to get you growing.