Reason #9: Service Vestibule Component Protection

Video transcript

Reason number nine is our service vestibule for component protection. What this means is that most of our refrigeration and electrical components are out of the treated airstream. They’re in their own protected vestibule. Keeping those components out of the airstream means a couple of things for you, the grower. One, it makes your system more efficient. You’re not getting heat gain from hot refrigeration components or hot electrical components in the airstream. So, there’s an efficiency penalty to not having this feature. The other thing is it allows us to perform maintenance tasks without interrupting the airstream of the unit. So, we can do things like adjust a TX valve without changing the air flow through the coil, which enables us to very accurately and quickly fix or adjust that TX valve, so you’ve got the most efficient operation possible, and you’re not needing to open the doors, disrupt the air flow, make an adjustment, close the doors, wait for the system to stabilize, and start over. That’s what most of our competitors force you to do. And this is a simple, easy thing to do, but only Quest offers this across the product line. It’s something that you have to demand in your units. It enables us to perform maintenance tasks on units that are still running, still controlling your space. It enables us to reduce the risk of contamination to your space by opening an air tunnel and enabling contaminants to go in. It just makes sense for this market and for many others, but it’s something that only Quest offers.