Reason #3: Built-In Performance and Redundancy

Video transcript

Reason number three that smart growers choose Quest IQ is our built-in redundancy and performance. This equipment was built from the ground up for the controlled environment agriculture market, which means that we designed it from the ground up to have built-in redundancy in compressor circuits, in fans – everything in this unit is redundant, and that allows us to achieve the best possible results in your space and the safest results to your space.

Our Compressor Wall Technology takes that to a whole new level, offering up to 16 individual compressor circuits in a single unit. Again, there’s no other solution that’s more reliable than that. And we continue to increase our redundancy and reliability through new product development. Adding a dual pump dry cooler as part of our standard product offering is a great example of this. We identified a potential failure point, and we fixed it by making those dry coolers have more redundancy in a dual pump system and better monitoring and control so that we can know about failures earlier. And that monitoring control is key, but that’s another point in this list.