Reason #3: Built-In Performance and Redundancy

Video transcript

The third reason is our built in performance and redundancy features. one of the hallmarks of our product line is redundancy. We understand this market and we understand the effect that equipment failure can have on a room and it is mechanical equipment issues are going to come up.

But we’ve mitigated those issues in such a way that we’re never putting your crop at risk. And that’s the entire goal of the system. I want you to focus on growing bigger plants, getting better yields, having a consistent product to deliver, not on managing and HVAC system.

And part of that is having an eight track system that’s fault tolerant and that you trust to be fault tolerant so that if a hiccup comes up, it’s easy to deal with. You know that your room has an, you know, you haven’t lost a crop, you haven’t lost your full back capability and you’re in a position to continue with your day to day operation and not worry about it.