Reason #10: Industry-Leading HVAC Design Support

Video transcript

Reason number 10 is our industry-leading HVAC design support. We’ve got more than 40,000 installations over our history in industrial dehumidification, and Quest has been in the indoor controlled environment agriculture market since 2006. We’ve got more experience in this game than anyone else. And part of our offering to you, the customer, is that we provide all of the selection services that you would need to pick equipment for a grow and to apply our expertise to your environment at no cost to you. We will work with your engineer and your contractor to ensure that equipment is put in the right spot, that it’s got the service access it needs, that the equipment is properly sized and properly configured. Equipment that’s either too big or too small isn’t going to perform accurately in your space –and you’re going to be disappointed with the result. And by providing the service to you, again at absolutely no cost, we ensure that our experience is leveraged in the marketplace and that you achieve exactly what you’re looking to every single time.