Reason #2: Dry Cooler Heat Rejection

Video transcript

Reason number two, that smart growers are choosing Agronomic IQ is our dry, cooler heat rejection scheme. All of our systems are water cooled systems or glycol cooled systems, and we will ship equipment either with a packaged dry cooler with a split dry cooler that includes a pump package by us or that’s equipped to interface with a building loop cooling tower system. We do this for a very good reason. one of those reasons is it’s a great reduction in the amount of refrigerant in a system. It allows us to deliver a factory sealed refrigeration system. 

Every time you don’t have a contractor on site who’s doing any refrigerant work, there’s no hot work involved, no hot work permits. It greatly reduces the amount of refrigerant in a system, which means that future maintenance is cheaper. There’s less liability in terms of refrigerant transition over the next 15 or 20 years that the equipment’s going to be on your roof.

It also means that our systems are entirely isolated from the outdoor ambient conditions. That means that there’s no need for low ambient controls. There’s no concern about a compressor or a condensing unit getting cold soaked and having the low pressure issues that would typically happen with either a split DCS system or with a condenser or a convincing unit based system. 

It means that this system is truly designed to be the most efficient at operating year round in any environment you put it in, whether that’s interfacing with a closed loop cooling tower in the deserts of Arizona, or whether that’s dealing with -40 degree conditions in Edmonton designed for truly any outdoor condition. And the dry, cooler loop is absolutely the way to go there.