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Your expertise is growing cannabis. Our expertise is keeping your dehumidification equipment running perfectly.

We back all of our equipment with industry-leading service and support to provide you with the kind of worry-free, trouble-free ownership experience that no other competitor can.

Every AGronomic IQ unit includes 2 years of parts replacement and 1 year of parts replacement labor, but rest assured that our Factory Direct Parts will always be available for your units.

So, while you focus on growing, we will focus 100% on providing you with the performance you expect – and the return on investment you deserve. 


Phone: 1.833.327.AGIQ (2447)

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET)


Download Installation and Operation & Maintenance Manuals.

Compressor Wall
Operation & Maintenance Manual

Evolution Series
Operation & Maintenance Manual

Dry Cooler
Operation & Maintenance Manual

AGronomic IQ System
Installation Manual

Dry Cooler
Installation Manual

Unmatched Industry Expertise

Partnering with AGronomic IQ means that you’re partnering with the largest factory-direct service network in the industry.

With AGronomic IQ, you won’t be saddled with inexperienced third-party contractors who don’t know the industry or have to spend valuable time trying to figure out how your equipment works. Because we are the manufacturer of the equipment, we understand how to keep it working exactly as it should – like nobody else possibly can. And unlike third-party maintenance providers, our technicians are true dehumidification specialists who do nothing but dehumidifier service.

Commissioning and Start-Up – to Your Specifications

With AGronomic IQ, you can rest assured that your commissioning and start-up process will set your grow room up for success.

Every AGronomic IQ unit includes a pre-start-up inspection and a full equipment start-up by our factory-direct technicians to ensure that your grow room and grow cycle specifications are met. You will also receive a full 90 days of performance tuning as required with both on-site factory-direct technicians and remote monitoring with telephone support.

24/7 Real-Time Internet Monitoring and Remote Control

GrowSentry™ Technology provides real peace of mind for growers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with remote, real-time Internet monitoring and control of over 100 system parameters, and technology that delivers automated trouble alerts to help protect against serious issues before they arise. GrowSentry™ Technology is standard and built into every single dehumidifier we make.

The Best Warranty Coverage in the Industry

AGronomic IQ offers industry-leading support long after commissioning and start-up, with comprehensive standard and extended warranty coverage, as well as a variety of custom service programs.

Every AGronomic IQ unit includes 2 years of parts replacement and 1 year of parts replacement labor. With AGronomic IQ’s all-in warranties, you don’t pay extra, no matter the issue. Unlike some third-party contractors, we do not make additional revenue by replacing parts or billing for extra services.

We also offer extended warranty programs, optional service agreements, and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs – all tailored to your needs.