Reason #4: Compressor Wall Technology

Video transcript

Reason number four is our patent pending and truly innovative compressor wall technology that’s taking the outdoor packaged equipment unit market by complete storm, the compressor wall technology is effectively a factory putting compressor form, and these units use multiple relatively small compressor circuits.

Each of those is a two stage compressor to provide additional control that are integrated into a single system. So in our largest size, you can have up to 16 compressor circuits, each with a two stage compressor in it that provides the cooling and dehumidification needs to your space.

So that provides an unparalleled amount of redundancy to that room. Losing a single compressor pod in a 16 tonne unit, for instance, reduces your capacity by only 6%. So it’s not a concern from an operations perspective. We’ve got integrated redundant fans with Backdraft dampers again to ensure that those units stay up and running in the event of a mechanical failure. But it also means that you get excellent control. Because of that two stage compressor operation, we’re able to control those coils to be either sensibly cooling, driven or late and cooling sensible being the air conditioning side and being the dehumidification side, which means that we can very tightly tailor the unit operation to your space demands, meaning that we can accurately control your space. 

Whether you’re an early flower or veg in place to week six of flower, where dehumidification demands are as high as they go to the end of your flower cycle, where you’re drawing your room down, cooling it off.

We’re able to very tightly tailor our unit performance to the space demands, which means that you get excellent control and you reduce your operating costs. Both of those are hallmarks of the compressor wall technology units. And that’s why they’ve really become the industry leader, the default for many large growers in this space.