Reason #4: Compressor Wall Technology

Video transcript

Reason number four is our Compressor Wall Technology, the signature series. Designed from the ground up for this marketplace, the Compressor Wall Technology uses multiple, very small compressor circuits, either six- or eight-ton circuits. Each of these circuits offers a dual stage compressor to enable us to have, in our largest system, up to 32 different stages of compressor control, and this allows us both excellent redundancy but very fine control over the space. It allows us, in operating in low speed, to do mostly sensible cooling, and, in high speed, to add the latent cooling, the dehumidification, back into that circuit. But by having so many of them, we’re able to very finely tune the performance of that unit to the space demands. It also allows us to very accurately control spaces that may not yet be full, particularly important when farms are just starting up and potentially only planting half of the square footage that was originally intended.

These highly efficient units still use dry cooler technology for heat rejection, either in a packaged format for outdoor rooftop or pad-mount use, or as indoor splits. And we can offer them as an indoor unit with a split dry cooler. And again, there’s no single point of failure there – backdraft dampers on fans, multiple compressor circuits. You know, losing a single compressor circuit in a 16-compressor unit is about 6% of your total capacity that’s been lost. And that’s absolutely nothing.

And the compressor pods are designed to be replaced in a half-hour by two people without needing to completely drain the system. It’s a very simple process to replace and to do maintenance on them. Couple that with a greatly reduced refrigerant charge, we’re talking about something like three and a half pounds per circuit. It means that we’re not dealing with any of the issues around refrigerant reporting for leaks or needing to manage refrigerant volumes in indoor mechanical spaces.

So, we’ve got a very reliable, very compact, robust system designed from the ground up for this marketplace to achieve really excellent and very tight control with built-in redundancy.