Reason #6: Variable Capacity Compressors

Video transcript

Reason number six: Every compressor circuit that we’ve got in one of our systems is variable capacity. Unlike some other manufacturers that may have a lead circuit that’s variable capacity, or may just use on-off compressors throughout, our variable capacity compressors enable us to turn down compressors when there isn’t full demand in the space. It also enables us to modify our sensible heat ratio when you’ve got a cooling demand but not as much dehumidification demand. Other manufacturers may use tricks to manage capacity – things like a hot gas bypass. Hot gas bypass is a pure efficiency D rate, and effectively all it does is bypass some of that compressor gas, the refrigerant around the evaporator coil, to reduce the work that the evaporator coil does. It doesn’t reduce the amount of work the compressor does, so it doesn’t reduce your energy footprint, but it reduces the overall work that your unit accomplishes. So, again, a pure efficiency D rate. And by using some different technologies to vary our compressor capacity – either variable capacity compressors or variable air flow through evaporators, or both – we’re able to achieve very efficient part load operation and increase our unit reliability by not needing to turn compressors on and off nearly as often as you would with an on-off compressor. So, we’re reducing the amount of short cycling that’s required to maintain accurate space control and doing it in a very efficient way.