Reason #6: Variable Capacity Compressors

Video transcript

Reason number six, that smart growers are choosing agronomic IQ over and over in this marketplace is our variable capacity compressors. And really what that is is this is a unit that’s designed from the ground up for this market, and that means that we understand the need to be able to respond to a room’s changing conditions.

The room conditions are vastly different week one versus week six versus harvest week in a grow room. And we need equipment that can respond to that appropriately and not over. Cool your space without providing enough dehumidification or overdraw your space without cooling adequately.

And that’s why we use variable capacity compressors in every single unit that we sell into this market. It’s not some of the compressors, it’s every compressor in. Every unit is variable capacity or smaller compressors. Use the Copeland to stage scrolls.

Larger compressors are Bitzer scrolls with a VFD on them, and we do this in order to be able to reduce the amount of latent dehumidification we do when there’s a demand for less of it or demand for just cooling and to be able to really tailor the equipment performance to the room demands.

Another part of this is it means that compressors stay on more compressors that stay on more mean that you have a more stable room condition. When you turn off a circuit, for instance, all of the water in that coil is going to evaporate into the space and you’ll end up chasing your room humidity over time.

So by being able to turn down those those compressors, we’re able to maintain that compressor operation maintain a very stable room condition. It also enhances the longevity of that product, turning a compressor on and off again that that hard cycling is brutal on refrigeration circuits, and we do everything we can to keep that unit operating as much as possible. But as close to the room demands as required to reduce your energy cost and to reduce any wear and tear that happens on those units and extend the unit’s life.