Reason #8: Precise Modulating Performance Control

Video transcript

Reason number eight is precise modulating control. Every unit that Quest IQ makes has modulating control over the reheat valve to ensure that your space has the most stable temperature possible. Stable temperature means that you’ve got a stable relative humidity or at least a consistent point to measure relative humidity, which means that with a stable temperature, we can control humidity and thus achieve a very stable room condition. Some of our competitors use on-off devices, so they’ll reheat for a while, and then cool for a while, and go back and forth. And that achieves a sine wave in your room where your room heats up, your relative humidity drops, and the opposite happens – your room then cools down, your relative humidity rises – and you never achieve that stable, consistent temperature that you’re looking for. Modulating control enables us to keep components running, to maintain a very stable room condition, and ensure that you’ve got the most efficient and reliable system possible.