Reason #8: Precise Modulating Performance Control

Video transcript

Reason number eight is our precise modulating reheat control, every unit we ship has a modulating reheat coil and thus modulating air conditioning. And what that means is that we’re able to tailor the amount of energy going back into your room and maintain a very, very stable room condition, regardless of whether the unit is in air conditioning mode, dehumidification mode or heating mode. Many of our competitors are still using on off circuits for this. So the typical on off circuit you’d have a 0%, 50% or 100%, whereas we have the capacity to go zero to 100% in as many steps as we want.

What that means is that we’re able to maintain a very stable room condition. Most growers are able to get plus or minus half a degree, and many are even able to achieve plus -0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of control, having a very stable room temperature means that we get to keep our compressors running just sort of levels out that wear and tear on the compressors like we talked about in the variable capacity section. It also means, though, that I get very accurate reporting of your humidity. Relative humidity is exactly that. It’s relative, it’s relative to the temperature in the space.

So if I can control your space temperature very precisely. It means that I’m better able to monitor trends on the humidity side and respond to them more accurately. What typically happens with on off control there, as you’ll have a double sine wave, you’ll have a wave of temperature and you’ll have a inverse wave of humidity and you’re always chasing the dragon there. You’re always chasing stable room conditions with a modulating reheat. We’re able to maintain very precise temperature, which means we’re able to very accurately control your relative humidity, and you can never control your R.H. accurately without modulating reheat.