About Agronomic IQ

Dehumidification for Grow Rooms

Agronomic IQ Series, a Dehumidified Air Solutions company, is purpose build for dehumidification for grow rooms and is the most advanced dehumidification and temperature control company in North America.

In our 42-year history with over 80,000 installations, we’ve learned a thing or two about dehumidification.

Leveraging experience from our industry-leading PoolPak, Dectron and Seresco brands, we created the Agronomic IQ series specifically to meet the demands of grow room environment control — and to do it with exceptional precision, reliability and unparalleled product features — not to mention a new patent-pending technology.

When Scale and Experience Count

Our large-scale manufacturing advantage allows us to provide premium components, proven quality control and a truly superior product at the most competitive prices. We also back all of our equipment with exceptional warranties and the largest factory-direct service team in the industry to provide outstanding customer and product support that no other competitor can.