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Video transcript

You want to create the perfect cannabis growing facility. But it’s a complex and challenging task, and there’s so much to consider. When it comes to HVAC, and particularly temperature and humidity control, there are vendors and consultants, large and small, who claim to have the answer.

But do they really? Who do you trust with such a critical aspect of creating a high-yield growing environment that has such a significant impact on your bottom line?

We’re Quest, the most trusted brand in the cannabis industry and the market leader in standalone dehumidifiers for grow rooms since 2006. But now, to meet the demands of large-scale growers like you, we’ve taken our ability to solve complex commercial grow room challenges to a whole new level, with our revolutionary new Quest IQ Series.

How did we do it?

Our parent company acquired Dehumidified Air Solutions, North America’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of commercial dehumidifiers. Leveraging more than 40 years of dehumidification expertise, we designed the Quest IQ Series from the ground up – a single piece of equipment that provides total environment control and unprecedented precision and reliability.

Our award-winning, patent pending Compressor Wall Technology has revolutionized grow room HVAC with over a dozen game-changing innovations and impressive yield-improving performance.

Besides extraordinary equipment, deep-rooted cannabis industry expertise, and scale required to successfully serve large growers, we’re proud to operate like business partners, not just vendors. From consultation to factory start-up and commissioning, we’re committed to ensuring the success of your project every step of the way, long after initial installation. We also back all of our equipment with the largest factory direct service team in North America, exceptional warranties, optional service plans, and remote web monitoring to provide you with the kind of worry-free, trouble-free ownership experience that no other competitor can.

Building a strong relationship with a trusted partner begins with the first meeting. We look forward to that opportunity, and thank you for watching.