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The AGronomic IQ advantage to this marketplace is we’re purpose built, H-back, designed for the CEA market, really built from the ground up, conceived for this marketplace. We come from a long industrial dehumidification background, but we’ve created equipment focus for this market.

Learning the lessons from the past, but not just re applying the same equipment. We’ve got reliable integrated controls trying to to take the burden of controls off of you, off of designing a custom system to control your four or five chilled water or a custom system to try and get disparate cooling and dehumidification systems to play nice together. The units are designed to be set it and forget it. The integrated controls work out of the box. We’ve got built in redundancy again. Some of the advantages of decoupled system, for instance, are a lot of diversity in terms of units.

While you’re not losing that redundancy by picking and AGronomic IQ system that’s designed to have built in redundancy from the from the ground up, we’ve got a very scalable design, which means that you’re able to apply units to the same phase one as you are to phase five and you’re not making a decision around a central plant of whether you are going to expand or whether you’re sizing your central plant only for your first phase and then trying to scale it up in the future to to handle your success. We’ve got the ability to ship more units, treat each room as an individual, which has big advantages from a redundancy and from a downtime perspective, you don’t have a single point of failure that’s going to take down an entire facility. It’s designed that way. Our units are also designed to be very energy efficient. Our typical outdoor units have an energy efficiency, an E R rating in the four teens, vastly higher than a typical piece of rooftop equipment.

And it means that we’re able to that, coupled with variable capacity compressors modulating reheat, we’re able to very precisely control your space, but also do it very economically, very efficiently. We’ve designed this system to be easy to integrate.

Our goal is to be a partner with you, to guide you through the process, but to have that process be easy, get up and running quickly, get your yields up quickly, return your investment quickly, and that’s what it’s all about for us.

I’d love to learn more about your project and how we can help you hit that easy button. Get your facility up and running. Get great results.