Reason #5: True Economizer Cooling

Video transcript

Reason number five is our ability to offer true economizer cooling into this marketplace. Just for some background, economizer cooling typically involves bringing in outside air when it’s cold and dry outside and introducing that air into the space to accomplish either cooling or dehumidification or both.

In the CA market, that can get really expensive for a couple of different reasons. One, if you’re supplementing CO2, every thousand CFM of outside air you bring in is going to cost you about four pounds an hour of CO2. So, that CO2 expense can increase very, very quickly if you’re supplementing – and most are. But it also increases the potential for contamination of your space. And when you bring in outside air, you need to exhaust air, and that exhaust air can make you a bad neighbor, so most facilities don’t want to do that, and as a result, they’re left with no real option for economizer cooling.
Because of our obsession with dry cooled equipment and reducing our refrigerant charge, though, we’ve got the ability to create sub-cooled water, or water that’s colder than we need, to deal with compressor heat rejection, which means that we can use that water to offer economizer cooling. We can add a chilled water coil in front of the compressor circuit and use that dry cooler circuit on a very cold day to enable us to pre-cool the air that hits the compressor circuit. What this means is that any time you’re below roughly 50 degrees ambient outside, we’re able to use that economizer cooling section and reduce the load on the compressor circuit.

And anytime you’re below about 30 degrees outside, we’re able to do all of the cooling and all of the dehumidification with that economizer circuit alone. It enables us to reduce our compressor runtimes by a significant amount, typically up to 30 or 40%, and offer a very quick payback on that economizer cooling section, as long as you’ve got about 50% of your bin hours below that 50- or 55-degree outdoor number.

So, we offer the only way to do true economizer cooling without introducing contaminants in this space. And it’s an option available on every unit we offer.