Reason #5: True Economizer Cooling

Video transcript

Reason number five, that smart growers are choosing agronomic IQ over and over is that we have industry leading service and support integrated into our offering. Our service team is factory employed. They are not contractors. They are employees of our organization, and that means that you have a known entity that’s going to be supporting you in the future. 

These guys have access to our engineering team. We’re also the OEM. We don’t rebadge a third party piece of equipment. We design and build the equipment in-house. Our service team is in-house helping that design process. These guys know everything there is to know about the equipment.

And as part of our offering, we include start up on every piece of equipment, which means that our factory techs will be there on site with your mechanical contractor, starting up the equipment, getting your rooms up and running and fine tuned.

Again, we’re partners in this industry. We want you to be successful. That’s very important to us, which means that we’re going to make multiple trips. We’re going to typically have a trip prior to start up to ensure that your contractor has any of his questions answered around how to properly install the equipment, how to properly duct the equipment, anything that he needs to know. We’ll we’ll support him on. We’ll be there to help start up the equipment, to do owner operator training. Your maintenance guy, whoever is going to be taking care of the stuff on a daily basis is supposed to be part of that process.

We want him to be part of that process to ask questions, to learn about the machines, and then we’ll follow up. We’ve got the ability to do remote fine tuning that we’ll talk about in a couple of videos, but we also have the ability to go back to the site and ensure that as quickly as possible, your room is operating flawlessly. And that’s a big part of what we want to be doing is we want your room to be up and running as quickly as possible. 

So quick start up, quick installation, quick, fine tuning process so that within a cycle or two of the flower room, you are running at absolute peak capacity and driving your yields and your return on your investment through the roof. That’s our goal.