AGronomic IQ’s Advanced Dry Cooler Technology

Video transcript

Since AGronomic IQ’s full product line is water cooled, we decided that it made a lot of sense for us to go to market with a very competitive and fully featured dry cooler offering to complement our units on split systems. We in fact use these same dry coolers on our packaged units as well. And we’ll talk about the split system, dry coolers and what they bring to the marketplace.

But just a little bit of background on why we’re doing water cooled units and that water glycol mix is really important to us for a variety of reasons. And first and foremost, allows us to reduce the refrigerant charge in our systems by 85 to 90% compared to split the equipment. Environmental stewardship is very important to us and to this market.

Not reducing refrigerant charge is a piece of that. It also ensures that we’re able to completely isolate our compressors from the outdoor ambient conditions. It means that we don’t have any concerns on low ambient days around suction temperature crashing or cold slugs of refrigerant going back to a system when you’re changing operating modes. That allows us to have a very stable room condition and a very stable equipment operation over the course of a wide range of outdoor conditions.

These dry coolers have built in features that are really important to this marketplace. As you see behind me here, all of our split dry coolers have redundant pumps built in. Those pumps have failure detection. We’ve got redundant fans on board. Those fans have failure detection. We’ve got built in control systems for these dry coolers, measuring the ambient temperature, entering and leaving water temperature, as well as the condition of the pumps of the fans and these dry coolers are not only available in this one V configuration behind me, they’re available and a half fee.

So a single fan all the way up to a six. We 12 fan dry cooler and even in the case of very large dry coolers. Each V has the same measure of redundancy that a single one does. So in a six V dry cooler, you have 12 independent pumps, you’ve got 12 independent fans. And any individual failure doesn’t affect the balance of the operation.

Of that dry cooler from a operability or redundancy perspective. And they’re designed very specifically that way. Again, available as a package system as well. You can see a 55-ton unit here behind me has a package dry cooler on it and that is a two V four fan dry cooler. We can package larger than that as well. We frequently package smaller.

It’s going to depend on your specific use case, but we invite you to get in touch with us. Let’s talk about your application. Why the dry cooler really makes sense for you and for us, and we’d love to work with you on your next project.