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Introducing Compressor Wall Technology for Grow Rooms

Video transcript

Agronomic IQ’s patented Compressor wall technology ranges from 10 to 120 tons and is designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled controllability d redundancy and yield to you, the grower. Each one of these units is designed specifically for the agriculture market and comprises multiple small compressor circuits, each with a two stage compressor to tailor its performance very closely to the demands of your room.

Our goal here is to ensure that you, the grower, are able to focus on your plants, focus on your lighting, focus on your nutrients, and to not have the headache that has been back for you. Historically, that is what we’re all about here at Agronomic IQ, and we have a longer video describing the 55 ton compressor wall that you see behind me and the inner workings of that unit.

And I invite you to check that out if you’d like. But I also invite you to just get in touch with us and look forward to working with you on your project.