Agronomic IQ Signature Series

Our Signature Series is designed for larger facilities, high air flow grow rooms and is typically installed outdoors. It takes full advantage of our proprietary fluid cooler designs for maximum energy efficiency, quiet performance and an 85% reduction in refrigerant charge–all while providing the most stable and controllable room conditions possible.


  • 100 to 840 lbs/hr moisture removal capacity
  • 6,800 to 70,000 CFM of air handling


  • GrowSentryTM Internet Monitoring and control as a standard feature
  • CommandCenter® control system with sophisticated touch screen operator panel
  • Refrigeration pressure transducers can be monitored via GrowSentryTM
  • Factory-sealed refrigeration unit–no expensive site refrigeration work
  • Mechanical vestibule outside the airstream makes service a breeze and protects components from corrosion
  • Multiple supply air connection options for maximum installation flexibility
  • Two-inch insulation, double wall construction, rain guards over the doors, roof curb or slab design – Flexible return and supply opening configurations for ease of integration to your building
  • Wide range of auxiliary heating options
  • Purge function optional
  • Direct drive plenum fans ensure very high airflow efficiency with a minimum of noise, coupled with industry leading VFDs for airflow management.
  • Owl Wing 2-speed dry cooler fans provide lowest possible noise footprint and energy costs
  • Highest quality and efficiency coils for maximum dehumidification and cooling capacity

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